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The Didactis of 'ACIGAVA'

In the CLM, the fundamental structure, the backbone of teaching following the analysis of both individual and group activation levels consists in the seven phases of the “ACIGAVA”. Such phases, representing the steps for the teaching of subject-related contents, are shortly described in the following paragraphs.
The teachers involved in the Project, who have studied them, confirmed their validity as a specific tool for the design of learning units.

First important meeting with contents which are new or only partially known (and which might be considered of little importance by the learners)

Initial comprehension of the content, which links to the learner’s personal experiences at the beginning of the learning process (Comprehension gradually becomes more and more refined and of a higher level)

Various hypothesis for the prosecution of the learning process are formulated and/or solutions to contingent problems are found Use of strategies of lateral thought favouring the breaking of fixed beliefs, prejudices and routine thinking

The hypothesis formulated in the previous phase are analysed and judged to decide which to take on board in the implementation phase

The procedures/activities/solutions chosen are implemented (both individually and at group level) as experiences which are “coherent” with the first 3 phases

The learning process is evaluated comparing goals and actual outcomes and considering the opportunity to return to any of the previous phases


The full comprehension of the content, actively built up and extended to other spheres and situations by the learner, enables the implementations of the abilities which can also be transferred to other contexts and disciplines. Appropriation is to be considered both for specific and privileged contents/concepts and for others of larger dimension and quality and has its own gradual and partial progression.


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