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Activation and Personal Constellation


The model of creativities described before bases on the explicative force of an image, that of a galaxy, i.e. an ensemble of stars, some of which (creative abilities can combine into visible structures (constellations).
We can imagine this galaxy as a pentagon, whose vertices host the 5 areas of creative abilities.

The activation (or the non-activation) of the different ability areas are characterised by points which are to be placed along the axe going from the centre of the pentagon to its vertices, e.g.:

This representation insists on the association abilities – movement vectors: the more these vectors are activated, the more they can contribute to the production of creative thoughts or actions.
Just like galaxies, this pentagon has also got a centre of gravity acting like a centre of attraction for the stars it encompasses. It is from the centre of the pentagon that vectors originate. The activation of creative abilities corresponds to the departure movement from this gravitational force. Activation, which corresponds to the gradual lighting of the stars on these vectors, allows to illuminate the areas of creativity.
Activation can be intuitively represented as the progressive illumination of the stars placed on the vector axes: the more they are lit up, the brighter the adjacent areas (those of creativities) will be.
If every area of creativity was fully activated, the resulting constellation would correspond to our galaxy (the pentagon). This represents the ideal goal of education to which we all should aim: all ability areas should be activated in every learner in order to let him/her take advantage from his/her creative potentialities at school as well as in the entire course of his/her life.
To sum up, every creativity is mainly (as previously described) the product of two areas of abilities: for example, light creativity is the product of the activation of
the abilities belonging to the inventive and the emotional areas. The more these are activated, the more light creativity turns to a resource to exploit.

Let us think of an actual example, the case of a pupil named Francesco. The data noted down during the ability screening phase are reported on the corresponding vectors:

This is a real, specific creativity constellation showing learner’s good Lateral Creativity as well as the need to enhance his Emotional, Relational and Explorative Areas. This visual representation immediately allows to highlight the areas which need to be improved, thereby offering teachers and educators practical tips as to how to proceed.


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